Children’s Hope Residential Services Blog

Children’s Hope Residential Services was founded by James Aldrich, CEO, in 2002 to provide care and mental health treatment to abused and neglected children placed with Child’s Protective Services in Texas. Since its inception, Children’s Hope has helped over 2,000 children overcome their trauma and build a brighter future.

Children’s Hope Residential Services provides a variety of services for children suffering emotional and/or behavioral problems due to abuse and neglect. These services include foster care, residential care, day treatment, and aftercare services.  All of Children’s Hope’s services are designed to help children cope with their mistreatment and regain trust in others through building healthy, functional parental and peer relationships. Due to the mistreatment the kids in the programs have suffered, they no longer have trust in others, particularly those in authority positions.

  • Foster Care: Children’s Hope Residential Services works with foster care families to rebuild trust within every child. Through unconditional love, acceptance, and respect, foster families help the children live happily and healthy and be successful in the home, at school, and in the community.
  • Residential Care: Children’s Hope’s Residential Life Program provides 24-hour care for children at one of three residential care centers in Texas. The program ensures children are cared for and provides a safe and supportive environment for them to process their abuse and learn how to function normally.
  • Day Treatment: The Day Treatment Program is for children who require more support than an outpatient service but do not need residential care. Children in this program undergo psycho-educational groups that teach stress management, coping skills, and drug education, as well as weekly equine-assisted psychotherapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and medical evaluations by a psychiatrist.
  • Aftercare: Children’s Hope offers aftercare services for children and families that have been in one of their treatment programs and also people in the community. It provides individual, group, and family therapy.

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